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This story is about Kitagorou and Hatagorou brothers. Kigorou who was blessed with exceptional ability of Budou (Japanese military art), and his younger brother Hatagorou was a man who governed our village after Kitagorou passed out. They loved the home town so much, and they defended this village from the enemy named Sakanoueno Tamuramaro who was against them to subjugate Touhoku area.
Even though it was one thousand two hundred years ago, their history is still passed on to the coming generations as our hero.

一千二百年も昔のこと。 蝦夷地平定に訪れた坂上田村麻呂からこの地を守ろうとしたのが、鬼五郎・幡五郎兄弟。

Kitagro was a head of Wasegawa village at the time. He and his brother Hatagorou, lived there and worked together. They took a lead for preservation of their farm and made them rich.


When the court had begun to subjugate Touhoku area, shogun Sakanoueno-Tamuramaro also started to invade Wasegawa area with troops.


Otaki Onimaru who wields power around Abukumasan area and Kitagorou took up his arms as well against the aggression. Kitagorou showed his talent for military art there.


The battle entered into a long-term fight, but unfortunately their defeat seemed getting certain, and finally they were pushed into the SendaiHei.


“You must survive and protect this village, I will be a demon and protect this village as well even if I died,” Kitagorou said to his brother, and he died. After that Hatagorou governed the village well as promised.


Both Kitagorou and Hatagorou are contributed a lot for beloved village from many aspects. Their passion and soul for this village still lives on people’s hearts.


From this story, we can understand what is most important for Community Development is to value “interaction among the people with a spirit of harmony, cooperation, and sense of solidarity.” In the two year of the Heisei era, “Oogoemachi Kitagorou HaTagorou Wadaiko(Japanese dram) Society was founded.


Towards “Creating the friendship city with warm heart and romance”, we carry on our history, culture, and original Ousyuu Sabane style with happiness and proof to live. In addition, our purpose is to value in each other and improve ourselves through the Taiko perform to preserve our Wadaiko culture.


The programs are “Maturidaiko” “Narukamidaiko” “Kimendaiko” which has started for foundation year, and also “Tamuraoroshi” which imaged nature of Tamura city, composed in twenty-one year of Heisei era.


Since we started “Oogoemachi Kitagorou HaTagorou Wadaiko Society”, we have been contributing to invigorate local communities as one of an attractive point of our city from many aspects such as teaching to kids, leading the national competition as of Fukushima prefecture.


The current members are composed not only Oogoemachi but also from the all parts of the city, and people who are around 20s to the 30s are at the center of this invigorating local communities.


Oogoemachi Kitagorou HaTagorou Wadaiko Society embody developing new ideas based on learning from the past, and improving more. That is a big deal to plays an important part for promotion of Tamura city to the all over the world.
Immediately after the earthquake in Heisei 20, although we voluntarily refrained from performing, it resumed in August the same year due to requests and encouragement from many people. It has been a 7 years, now it is undergoing reconstruction and we are in next stage.


We deeply grateful to all who supported so far, and would like to continue this activity to let lots of people know and fell about this city by sending out “the moment” of Tamura city today, and send Fukushima energy to people who is all over the world as well. Also, we hope that we keep continuing to spread passionate “deep emotion” and “pride” living this city.


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